2nd Biennial Meeting 2011

Thursday, November 3

Thursday, November 3
Special Session. International Collaboration of Clinical Research
Time & Place: 16:30-17:30, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Soon-Beom Kang (Korea), Shingo Fujii (Japan)
SS-01 (16:30-16:45) Introduction to the GCIG (Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup) Jonathan Ledermann
SS-02 (16:45-17:00) Active Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) trials Ronald Alvarez (USA)
SS-03 (17:00-17:15) Status of Japanese Gynecologic Oncology Group (JGOG) Kazunori Ochiai (Japan)
SS-04 (17:15-17:30) International collaboration of clinical research; Status of Korean Gynecologic Oncology Group (KGOG) Joo-Hyun Nam (Korea)
Opening Ceremony & Welcome Dinner
Time & Place: 18:30-20:30, Grand Ballrooom (A3)

Friday, November 4

Friday, November 4
Plenary Session I. Uterine Corpus
Time & Place: 08:00-09:40, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Jung-Eun Mok (Korea), Toshiharu Kamura (Japan)
PS1-01 (08:00-08:20) Optimizing surgery for endometrial cancer Yin Nin Chia (Singapore)
PS1-02 (08:20-08:40) Management of lymph node in endometrial cancer Yukiharu Todo (Japan)
PS1-03 (08:40-09:00) Fertility sparing treatment for endometrial cancer in young women Ronald Alvarez (USA)
PS1-04 (09:00-09:20) Postoperative radiotherapy for endometrial cancer Chomporn Sitathanee (Thailand)
PS1-05 (09:20-09:40) Recent advances in the treatment of gestational trophoblastic neoplasia Uma Devi (India)
Coffee Break (09:40-10:10)
Plenary Session II. Uterine Cervix
Time & Place: 10:10-12:10, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Hyo Pyo Lee (Korea), Zeyi Cao (China)
PS2-01 (10:10-10:30) Abdominal radical trachelectomy from our experience in the past ten years Takuma Fujii (Japan)
PS2-02 (10:30-10:50) Consolidation chemotherapy after concurrent chemoradiotherapy in cervical cancer Byoung-Gie Kim (Korea)
PS2-03 (10:50-11:10) The management of locally advanced cervical cancer in young women Chunling Chen (China)
PS2-04 (11:10-11:30) Advanced robotic surgery in cervical cancer Young Tae Kim (Korea)
PS2-05 (11:30-11:50) Fertility sparing management for cervical cancer Jericho Thaddeus P. Luna (Philippines)
PS2-06 (11:50-12:10) Quality of life study in cervical cancer patients after radical hysterectomy Xin Lu (China)
Symposium I.
Time & Place: 12:10-12:30, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Seon Kyung Lee (Korea)
S1-01 (12:10-12:30) Basics of immunology, relevant to HPV Tino Schwarz (Germany)
Presidential Address & Invited Lecture
Time & Place: 13:30-14:10, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Joo-Hyun Nam (Korea)
PA-01 (13:30-13:50) New Asian leadership for fighting against gynecologic cancer Soon-Beom Kang (Korea)
IL-01 (13:50-14:10) Cervical cancer surgery with metastatic lymph node of the cardinal ligament Shingo Fujii (Japan)
Plenary Session III. Controversies and Special Issues in Gynecologic Cancers
Time & Place: 14:10-15:30, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Jae-Wook Kim (Korea), Kazunori Ochiai (Japan)
PS3-01 (14:10-14:30) Management of cervical cancer in low-resource settings Linus Chuang (USA)
PS3-02 (14:30-14:50) The intraperitoneal chemotherapy in patients with ovarian cancer Keiichi Fujiwara (Japan)
PS3-03 (14:50-15:10) A risk model for secondary cytoreductive surgery in recurrent ovarian cancer: an evidence-based proposal for patient selection Rongyu Zang (China)
PS3-04 (15:10-15:30) Hydatidiform mole prevention Andri Andrijono (Indonesia)
Symposium II.
Time & Place: 15:30-15:50, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Ki Tae Kim (Korea)
S2-01 (15:30-15:50) Let's vaccinate Asia: Clinical and real world experience for HPV vaccination Sang Young Ryu (Korea)
Coffee Break (15:50-16:20)
Free Communication I-1. Cervical Cancer
Time & Place: 16:20-17:10, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Young Lae Cho (Korea), Noriyuki Inaba (Japan)
FC1-01 (16:20-16:30) The establishment of the Korean human papillomavirus cohort study Tae Jin kim (Korea)
FC1-02 (16:30-16:40) Multicenter clinical validation of DNA hypermethylation in the detection of cervical neoplasia: a Taiwanese Gynecologic Oncology Group (TGOG) Study Hung-Cheng Lai (Taiwan)
FC1-03 (16:40-16:50) Scoring system for predicting a lymph node metastasis in cervical cancer Yu-Jin Koo (Korea)
FC1-04 (16:50-17:00) Single node positive revealed good survival as negative node in patients with cervical cancer treated with radical hysterctomy Prapaporn Suprasert (Thailand)
FC1-05 (17:00-17:10) Para-aortic lymph node assessment and its surgical indication in patients with stage IB-IIA cervical cancer Jin Li (China)
Free Communication I-2. Cervical Cancer
Time & Place: 17:10-17:50, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Soon-Do Cha (Korea), Hiroyuki Yoshikawa (Japan)
FC1-06 (17:10-17:20) Evaluating the learning curve and perioperative outcomes of robot-assisted laparoscopy for cervical cancer: initial experience at the single institution Ga Won Yim (Korea)
FC1-07 (17:20-17:30) Prognosis and postsurgical complications of 78 cervical cancer patients who received abdominal radical or simple trachelectomy in our hospital during these 6 years Hiroaki Kobayashi (Japan)
FC1-08 (17:30-17:40) Intermediate risk factor grouping in FIGO stage IB-IIA postoperative cervical cancer patients: a multi-center retrospective study of Korean Gynecologic Oncologic Group (KGOG 1021) Moon Hong Kim (Korea)
FC1-09 (17:40-17:50) Endoglin (CD105) can be used as a prognostic marker for patients of cervical cancer receiving concurrent chemoradiation Hao Lin (Taiwan)
Free Communication II-1. Uterine Cancer
Time & Place: 16:20-17:10, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Ho-Sun Choi (Korea), Ikuo Konishi (Japan)
FC2-01 (16:20-16:30) Phase II evaluation of irinotecan in leiomyosarcoma of the uterus: a Japan Gynecologic Oncology Group study Satoshi Takeuchi (Japan)
FC2-02 (16:30-16:40) Expressions of angiotensin II type I receptor and miR-155 in endometrial cancers: Synergistic inhibitory effect of anti-mir-155 and angiotensin type-1 receptor blocker, losartan, on endometrial cancer cells Chel-Hun Choi (Korea)
FC2-03 (16:40-16:50) Laser captured microdissection-microarray analysis of the genes involved in endometrial carcinogenesis: stepwise up-regulation of lipocalin2 expression in normal and neoplastic endometria, and its functional relevance Tsutomu Miyamoto (Japan)
FC2-04 (16:50-17:00) Metronomic doxifluridine chemotherapy combined with the anti-angiogenic agent TNP-470 inhibits the growth of human uterine carcinosarcoma xenografts Makoto Emoto (Japan)
FC2-05 (17:00-17:10) Overexpression of miR-142-3p in cervical cancers Yen-Ying Ma (China)
Free Communication II-2. Interesting Issues in Gynecologic Cancer
Time & Place: 17:10-17:50, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Hee-Sug Ryu (Korea), Ana Dy-Echo (Philippines)
FC2-06 (17:10-17:20) Regulation of paclitaxel-induced programmed cell death by autophagic inducer in cervical cancer Keun Ho Lee (Korea)
FC2-07 (17:20-17:30) Uterine leiomyosarcoma in Asian patients: validation of the new FIGO staging system and identification of prognostic classifiers Pei Shan Tan (Singapore)
FC2-08 (17:30-17:40) An analysis of thirty-one cases of primary vaginal malignant melanoma Qidan Huang (China)
FC2-09 (17:40-17:50) Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia and human immunodeficieny virus infection: a 10-year review Shahila Tayib (Malaysia)

Saturday, November 5

Saturday, November 5
Plenary Session IV. Translational Research
Time & Place: 08:00-09:40, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Sung-Eun Namkoong (Korea), Yasuhiro Udagawa (Japan)
PS4-01 (08:00-08:20) Risk reducing bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in women at high risk for ovarian cancer Jonathan Berek (USA)
PS4-02 (08:20-08:40) HPV and cervical cancer from reality to future chanllenges Jong Sup Park (Korea)
PS4-03 (08:40-09:00) Immunotherapy in cervical cancer: from bench to bedside Wen-Fang Cheng (Taiwan)
PS4-04 (09:00-09:20) Effect of estrogen on endometrial carcinogenesis Tanri Shiozawa (Japan)
PS4-05 (09:20-09:40) Overcoming chemoresistance in ovarian cancer Chi Heum Cho (Korea)
Coffee Break (09:40-10:10)
Plenary Session V. Ovary
Time & Place: 10:10-12:10, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Kyung-Tai Kim (Korea), Mohamad Farid Aziz (Indonesia)
PS5-01 (10:10-10:30) An analysis of patients with bulky advanced stage ovarian, tubal, and peritoneal carcinoma treated with primary debulking
surgery (PDS) during an identical time period as the randomized EORTC-NCIC Trial of PDS vs neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT)
Ginger J. Gardner (USA)
PS5-02 (10:30-10:50) The association between endometriotic lesion and histological aspects of ovarian clear cell carcinoma Hironori Tashiro (Japan)
PS5-03 (10:50-11:10) PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer Jonathan Ledermann (UK)
PS5-04 (11:10-11:30) Novel biomarkers for ovarian cancer screening Young Tak Kim (Korea)
PS5-05 (11:30-11:50) Dose-dense chemotherapy for ovarian cancer Chih-Long Chang (Taiwan)
PS5-06 (11:50-12:10) Outcomes of fertility-sparing surgery for stage I epithelial ovarian cancer: a proposal for patient selection Toyomi Satoh (Japan)
Symposium III.
Time & Place: 12:10-12:30, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Seung Cheol Kim (Korea)
S3-01 (12:10-12:30) Latest findings and results: risk-based cervical cancer screening approach Warner Huh (USA)
Educational Session: Surgery and surgical pathology of gynecologic malignancies
Time & Place: 13:30-15:30, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Kyu Wan Lee (Korea), Kung-Liahng Wang (Taiwan)
ES-01 (13:30-13:50) Radical hysterectomy Yoon Soon Lee (Korea)
ES-02 (13:50-14:10) Pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissection Kung-Liahng Wang (Taiwan)
ES-03 (14:10-14:30) Principles of bowel resection and anastomosis Hee Cheol Kim (Korea)
ES-04 (14:30-14:50) Pelvic exenteration for gynecological cancer Sang Yoon Park (Korea)
ES-05 (14:50-15:10) Robotics and surgical training: a new paradigm in medical education Warner Huh (USA)
ES-06 (15:10-15:30) Updates on pathology of uterine sarcoma Annie Cheung (Hong Kong)
Free Communication III-1. Ovarian Cancer
Time & Place: 13:30-14:30, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Won-Gyu Kim (Korea), Chyong-Huey Lai (Taiwan)
FC3-01 (13:30-13:40) Inhibitory role of ROS on calcineurin and NF-kB activities in LPS-stimulated ovarian cancer cells Ki Hyung Kim (Korea)
FC3-02 (13:40-13:50) Isolation and characterization of stromal progenitor cells from ascites of patients with epithelial ovarian adenocarcinomas Chih-Ming Ho (Taiwan)
FC3-03 (13:50-14:00) Comprehensive methylation analyses reveal synchronous hypomethylation of Hnf1 network genes in ovarian clear cell carcinoma Ken Yamaguchi (Japan)
FC3-04 (14:00-14:10) The effect of HE4 gene silencing on the malignant biological behavior in ovarian cancer Zou Shuli (China)
FC3-05 (14:10-14:20) Tiam1, negatively regulated by miR-22, miR-183 and miR-31, is involved in migration, invasion and viability of ovarian cancer cells Jun Li (China)
FC3-06 (14:20-14:30) Ciglitizone sensitize in cisplatin-resistance ovarian cancer cells by targeting glucose metabolism So Jin Shin (Korea)
Free Communication III-2. Ovarian Cancer
Time & Place: 14:30-15:30, Grand Ballrooom (A3)
Chairperson: Duk-Soo Bae (Korea), Noriaki Sakuragi (Japan)
FC3-07 (14:30-14:40) Modification the cut off points of CA 125; HE4; RMI and ROMA scores for Indonesian women who underwent surgery in Dr. Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital from November 2010 until May 2011, in predicting ovarian malignancy: preliminary study Hariyono Winarto (Indonesia)
FC3-08 (14:40-14:50) Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis identifies prognostic biomarkers of ovarian cancer Hung-Cheng Lai (Taiwan)
FC3-09 (14:50-15:00) Feasibility of oxaliplatin, leucovorin and 5-fluorouracil (FOLFOX-4) chemotherapy in heavily pretreated patients with refractory epithelial ovarian cancer: a single institutional experience and comparison with the published reports Hee Jun Lee (Korea)
FC3-10 (15:00-15:10) A phase I clinical trial of Ad5.SSTR/TK.RGD, a novel infectivity-enhanced bicistronic adenovirus, in patients with recurrent gynecologic cancer Ronald Alvarez (USA)
FC3-11 (15:10-15:20) Clinical trial of personalized peptide vaccine for recurrent ovarian cancer Kouichiro Kawano (Japan)
FC3-12 (15:20-15:30) Health-related quality of life of women with ovarian cancer at initial diagnosis compared with the general population: KORAGC prospective cohort study Myong Cheol Lim (Korea)
Closing Ceremony & Award Conferment
Time & Place: 15:30-16:00, Grand Ballrooom (A3)